An idea becomes a reality.

We intend to implement the project, challenging in nature and involving all our commitment. Planning the future based on the shared history implies becoming aware of the fact that we do share the history. It also involves dealing with the process taking place now, and set to be continued in the future, yet burdened with the events from the past.
Along with our three partners we are proud to have been able to begin that process with success.
In the course of reconstruction of the Bolfras’ House and arrangements made to rebuild the Kleist Tower as a trans-border landmark bound to boost the touristic marketing of the two regions, Slubice and Frankfurt, we define our position in this matter. Any construction schemes are a factor in this program – a link between those taking part in this undertaking and the goals they share. A comprehensive agreement between the two nations, joint actions taken on both sides of the Oder River according to the European principles of union are the goals we aim to pursue. 




Christa Moritz

Arbeiten und Leben in historischen Gebäuden
gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung