About the Project

The " Bolfras House and Kleist Tower" Project (Phase 1) is a milestone in the implementation of a long-term dream. On the left side of the Oder River, resembling the historical site and on its foundations, one of the most significant buildings of the Old Frankfurt will be built, whereas on the right bank of the river, a new edifice of the Kleist Tower is going to be put under construction. The two buildings will be separated by the distance of two kilometres.

The objective of the project is to rebuild the Bolfras House on the Frankfurt side, as a parallel to the historic site of the sixteenth century, and on the Słubice side, the elaboration of the technical documents including the reconstruction of the Kleist Tower (concerning the discovery of the remaining foundation, creating of the construction plans, reinforcement and ground preparation, as well as the intended use). The cost of this project involves the expenditure of approximately $ 4.2 million euro and 85% of the charges will be covered by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program of Cross Border Cooperation Poland (Lubuskie District) - Brandenburg 2007-2013. However, owing to the extraordinary nature of this undertaking and its significance to the historical awareness of both cities, and above all, as a tool of trans-border utility, the two structures are to develop a mutual awareness, which will strengthen a touristic attractiveness of both cities, and will considerably affect their long-lasting integration.

In a newly-erected edifice, in the heart of Frankfurt by the Oder River, "The Bolfras House - the Polish-German Center" is going to be opened, set about 500 meters away from the border bridge connecting Frankfurt by the Oder River and the city of Slubice. The Kleist Tower was built in 1892 as a result of donations made by the inhabitants in honor of Ewald Christian von Kleist, the poet, who died in the Seven Years` War. It was erected on the hill, right behind the present-day stadium in Slubice as an observatory tower. Effects have been made for many years on both sides of the Oder River to restore the two buildings.