Back in time

While Malcomeß was the president of the association board, who was the member of the magistrate city urbanization council, it was presented in 1871 a proposal for constructing in the Kleist hill of lookout tower. The city council had authorized in August of the same year the construction was being begun. Grand opening of the tower took place on 04.06.1892. Tower was 20 metres high and to the platform observation led 99 steps. At the top the brown plaque with arrows indicating the important points related to the Battle of Kunowice was situated. Tower and next to it the restaurant "Kleisthöhe" was due to its location in a quiet place surrounded by forest a favourite destination for both inhabitants of Frankfurt and tourists visiting these areas. When the restaurant was open the flag on theTower Kleist was fluttering.

Retreating in 1945 German troops blew up the Kleist Tower and made it complete destruction.