Back in time

The information on the Bolfras House was initially mentioned in 1540, at the time when it belonged to the widow of Barthol Degenhardt. Not until 1567 when it got in possession of Albrecht Wins, the mayor. He is the one who might have built a new house on the same spot as stated in the Luciae register, lost since 1945.

After Wins` death, in 1596, his heirs came into the house, among whom was the mayor, Adam Bolfras. The same year following his father`s death, Michael Bolfras junior inherited the house along with two sheds adjacent to it from the east side.

Whether he had the house rebuilt or he upgraded the house with the two adjacent sheds is still in question today. What is known, however, is that he had the round bay window built which was made of sandstone and reaching the second floor. Only due to that bay window, Bolfras` house, who was a syndic of University of Viadrina at the time, stood out from the other row houses round the market.

It was not until 1603 when Bolfras sold the house to his professor and (since 1596) the general superintendent of the Brandenburgen Monarchy Christoph Pelagrus (1565-1633).

Below is the further history of the house in brief:

1672 – a new owner: Dr Petrus Schultz

1721 – in possession of Dr. Schmeski

1732 – a new owner: maestro Johann Gottfried Langner

1743 – in possession of Johann Gabriel Probeck

1744 – the property of Johann Gabriel Brodbeck – opening of the coffee shop

1773 – in possession of the Hartungs

1889 – fire and restoration, loss of the Middle Aged roof

1924 – renovation of the front elevation and the bay window subcontracted by the city hall

1945 – destruction as a result of Second World War 





References: The Municipal Archives in Frankfurt-by-the-Oder.